Phlebotomy Certification


A phlebotomist is a medical professional that was certified in the process of extracting blood from patients and donors. Before you can begin work as a phlebotomist, you have to complete thephlebotomy certificationprocess. Phlebotomy training programs are short, salary is very competitive, and future job market is good. Now is the opportune time to begin your medical career as a phlebotomist!

Why Become a Phlebotomist?

Quick Training Course. The majority of phlebotomy certification courses can be finished in a couple months. That means you can start working and earn an income immediately!

Decent Salary. You won’t get rich working as a phlebotomist. But you can start making a decent steady income very quickly. Also, many phlebotomists go on to become medical or nursing professionals.

Good Future Job Market. Many medical and healthcare related occupations are growing quickly. As a phlebotomy technician you have job security for the future. Becoming a phlebotomist is a great long term choice.

Phlebotomy Salary

Average Phlebotomy Technician SalaryAccording to the BLS, the averagephlebotomy salaryis$29,730 per year, or about$14 per hour. Salary rates can be affected by several different factors. The common factors that affect phlebotomy salary are experience, education and location.

Top Paying States

These are the top 5 states for highest phlebotomist salary:

  1. Alaska– $38,540
  2. District of Columbia– $37,820
  3. New York– $37,790
  4. California- 37770美元
  5. Maryland– $37,190

Phlebotomy Jobs

Phelbotomy Jobs OutlookMedical jobs are growing fast and the phlebotomist occupation is no different. The BLS has projected phlebotomy jobs to grow by 27% over the next ten years. This could result in thousands of newphlebotomy jobs in your area!